El hidrojet reinventado: Serie LTX

The hydrojet reinvented: LTX Series

It offers all the advantages of a hydrojet, but designed to operate very efficiently at medium and low speed. The LTX is the first hydrojet to compete with the best propeller propulsion systems in energy efficiency and static draft. A hydrojet ideal for any boat with electric, hybrid or diesel propulsion with a maximum speed of less than 30 knots.

Introducing the LTX36: our innovative, high-efficiency hydrojet. Introduced this June at Seawork, this model is meticulously designed to excel at medium to low speeds and features remarkable low speed efficiency, lightweight design and optimal performance.

At HamiltonJet, we understand the changing needs of our valued customers. Aligned with its desire to minimize environmental impact, reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency, the LTX36 is truly revolutionary.

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LTX36 specifications

Download the LTX36 specifications document to learn more about product features and performance.